Thursday, March 31, 2011

RAGDOLLS "Dead Girls Don't Say No"

(c) 2011 Street Symphonies

  1. One Foot In The Grave
  2. Beautiful Homicide
  3. Halloween Night
  4. Shut Up And Drink
  5. Shovels
  6. Gravdiggers Dance
  7. Michelle
  8. I'm A Werewolf
  9. House Of Horror
  10. Dead Like Me
  11. Gruesome For some
Vikki Violence--Vocals, Guitars
Damaged L--Lead Guitar
Chx Cruzifix--Bass
Broken Bridget--Drums

Ragdolls are an interesting band before you ever get to the music.  Just taking a look at the album cover or some of the promo pictures you can tell right away that these guys are not likely all there mentally.  If you like your music to be a mixture of horror movies, sleaze, punk, and a touch of Rob Zombie all thrown into a trashcan and stirred up with a pitchfork, then Ragdolls are likly right up your alley!

These guys obviously have fun with what they are doing, and quite frankly, they do it pretty well.  The opening track is a throwaway intro of sorts incorporating some horror flick screams and moans over a heartbeat rhythm that is there to set the mood for the upcoming show...especially when that heartbeat flatlines at the end of the track.  From there, the band pretty much kicks into high gear and rarely slows down. 

"Shut Up and Drink" is a pretty humorous song and the band pays the required level of horror-respect to Vincent Price as they state they would like to drink with him.  The band's attempt at a ballad, "Dead Like Me" is more humorous than slow-dance material, largely because Vikki's vocals are so monotonous and unchanging in their delivery that there is no emotional give and take to the song.  But while the vocals falter here, his voice works fine on other tracks such as the Zombie-esque "Shovels",  "Michelle", and album closer "Gruesome For Some" (nice play on words...). 

I have read some reviews that label these guys as punk or horrorpunk, but people looking for old-school punk would be majorly disappointed in picking up Ragdolls.  This is not the Sex Pistols, the Clash, or even the Ramones or Circle Jerks  As I stated in the opening paragraph, these guys have a lot more sleaze than punk to their sound, and the vocals are far more deliberately delivered than most punk.  Again, think of Rob Zombie's growling type of vocals over more of a Shout At The Devil-era Crue soundtrack.  "I'm A Werewolf" is probably the closest the band comes to a true punk rock sound, and it comes off well with the humorous lyrics (at least I was chuckling at them).  "House Of Horror", clocking in at just over 2:30 after the intro, is another higher energy track that some punks might find themselves nodding their heads to, but I don't think any violent slamdancing will break out by any means.

This album is not earthshaking by any means, but it is not meant to be, either.  I don't know that I would sit down and just pull this disc out as part of the regular day's playlist, but I could definitely see myself playing it for a Halloween or theme night party of some sort.  Trust me, I get's one big running scary movie joke, and that's fine.  But, for me, the horror flick intros to the majority of the songs wear a bit thin, and Vikki's lack of vocal inflection and style change really limit what the band can do with the material they have to work with.   

Rating:  Rock this at 6 after midnight, during a full moon, or on Halloween...but only a 4.5 otherwise!

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VAINS OF JENNA "Reverse Tripped"

(c) 2011 Dead Line Music

  1. Fuck You
  2. Electric Avenue
  3. Get Back
  4. Smoke On The Water
  5. She's Not There
  6. California Dreaming
  7. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  8. Mississippi Queen
  9. The Letter
  10. Blowin' In The Wind
  11. I'd Love To Change The World
  12. Hey, Hey, My My
  13. Wish You Were Here
  14. Sound Of Silence
  15. Forget You
Jesse Forte--Vocals
Nicki Kin--Guitars
JP White--Bass
Jacki Stone--Drums

First off, let me start by saying I love Vains Of Jenna.  Along with Crashdiet and Hardcore Superstar, VoJ was one of the first bands of the new generation of sleaze to really catch my attention.  Great look, catchy songs, big hooks, and a filthy sound...what's not to love, right?  Even with the addition of new American singer Jesse Forte, these Swedish sleaze-slingers put out a new EP with some reworked tracks and a new song just to prove they were still at the top of their game.  Things seemed primed for a smokin' new disc from the Hollywood transplants...right???

Well, let me first state that new vocalist Forte is not the problem with "Reverse Tripped"...not by a long shot!  What has me totally lost is why in the world would a relatively new band with a brand new singer release a covers album?!  I simply don't get how the band or their management thought this was a smart move at this point in the band's career.

Don't get me wrong, VoJ does a great job on several of these tracks, but only if you aren't expecting that nasty, sleazy sound that they do so well.  In all honesty, this album is so squeaky clean in its sound you would NEVER have been able to convince me that this was VoJ.  Even on a song like Eddie Grant's "Electric Avenue", which has all sorts of sleaze potential, Vains turns the song into a bland, generic sounding 1970's adult contemporary sounding song...until they inexplicably add a little rap into the middle of it!  The Mamas and Papas classic "California Dreaming" sounds like it could actually still get airplay on an oldies station along side the original.  "Wish You Were Here" does virtually nothing to stray from the way Pink Floyd recorded it originally, and I truly believe Elton John rocked "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" harder than VoJ does!  "Blowin' In The Wind" is just horrendous and "The Letter" sounds like the band is on cruise control.  And yes, VoJ even manages to turn one of the all-time classic guitar riff songs into a psychadelic snoozefest as they totally mess with the vibe of Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water". 

Is it all bad?  Well, mostly, but there are a couple of decent moments.  Mountain's "Mississippi Queen", while not coming off as overly original or inspired, does at least rock a bit more than most songs here, and The Beatles' "Get Back" is a pretty nice little rendition that has just enough attitude in the vocal performance to forgive the dated-sounding guitars.

Honestly, I wanted to love this disc, especially after hearing the smirky delivery of the Cee Lo Green original "Fuck You" (which is later given the radio-friendly treatment at the end of the disc as "Forget You").  But I can't.  I really wish this tired trend of doing covers albums would go away, as it seems everyone has done one, is doing one, or is planning one.  But if you feel you MUST pick up a covers album this year, do yourself a favor and get Stryper's "The Covering" and leave Vains of Jenna's truly sad performance on the shelf. 

Rating:  Turn this sucker down...WAY 2, at the loudest!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

SGT. ROXX "Weapons of Miss Distraction"

(c) 2009 Eonian Records

  1. All You Need                                        11. Without You         
  2. Why'd You Lie                                      12. Thinkin' Of You
  3. Movin' On                                              13. Ransom
  4. Push & Squeeze                                   14. (Don't Do) What Your Mama Sayz 
  5. Million Dollar Girls                                15. 4th Time Out 
  6. Wrap Yourself                                        16. I Don't Know
  7. Don't Cry                                                 17. Psycho In The House (Live)
  8. Rockin' Horse                                         18. MyLady (Live)                               
  9. Decisions                                                19. Bread & Water
  10. Alright
Jack Adams--Lead & Backing Vocals
Darrin Laszlo--Bass & Backing Vocals
Rob Briles--Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bob O'Connor--Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals (Tracks 1-5 and 11-16)
Scott "Grover" Weatherspoon--Lead & Rhythm Guitars (Tracks 6-10, 17-19)
Kevin Cora--Drums & Backing Vocals (Tracks 6-10, 17-19)
Scott Wilson--Drums (Tracks 1-5)
Gabriel "Gabie" Anthony--Drums (Tracks 11-16)

SGT. ROXX is another one of those bands who you have no clue why they didn't make it bigger.  Seriously, if you listen to all of the clones and wannabes that got record deals, and then listen to SGT. ROXX, there is no apparent reason other than either poor luck, bad timing, or both.  Thankfully, Eonian Records managed to put together an excellent comprehensive collection of this band so that those who knew them then could remember, and those who never had the chance to hear them could finally get the chance to hear what all the underground rumbling was about.

It's not like fans of the genre didn't know who SGT. ROXX was.  As a demo and indie trader, I have had their "Push and Squeeze" EP and "Squeeze It Some More" demos for quite some time.  Nearly all of the songs from those collections are present on this nice set from Eonian, as are a couple of live tracks.  Production has been cleaned up nicely throughout, but not all of the tracks have the same quality, which is to be understood since some of these are demo tracks and outtakes.  That doesn't take away from some of the really great songs included here.

I really wish we would have had a chance to hear a nice, clean studio version of "Psycho In The House", but this live version really shows the energy of the band.  To these ears, this track is very much in line with Skid Row from their "Slave To The Grind" era, as does the other live track, "My Lady".  "Don't Cry" is every bit the power ballad any band like Warrant or Poison released throughout their careers.  Other stand out cuts include "Rockin' Horse" with its shuffling groove, "Ransom", "Bread & Water", and "Alright", all of which feature a much tighter, dirtier, heavier sound than the first handful of songs.  That is not to say "Why'd You Lie", "Million Dollar Girls" or any of those first five songs are bad, because they are not.  But later on, we really see the band grow in confidence in their songwriting and performance and a band that has found its sound.  I just wish a big label would have found them as well.

This release features excellent packaging, as is typical of most Eonian releases.  I would love to see Eonian put out another set of SGT. ROXX tunes, including the small handful that was not included here, some more live tracks, and perhaps a reunion song or two.  SGT. ROXX is one of the bands of the "hair era" that shoulda, woulda, coulda, been huge, and I just want the rest of the fanbase out there to have a chance to hear all these guys had to offer.

Rating:  Crank this one to 8.5!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

DOC EISENHAUER "St. Pauli-Reeperbahn"

(c) 1992 RCA Records

  1. St. Pauli-Reeperbahn
  2. Dr. Whisky
  3. Vampir
Oliver Koop--Vocals, Guitar
Roland Feldmann--Rhythm & lead guitar
Joe Ulm--Bass
Andy Richter--Drums

Remember when your parents used to ask you why you listened to hard rock or metal "because you can't understand a word they are saying!"?  Well...I can't understand a word Doc Eisenhauer are saying, either, because it is in German.  That, however, doesn't take away from me liking this band.

I don't remember where I got this three song promo, but I remember liking it immediately.  The songs are catchy and high-energy rockers with plenty of hooks in them.  Koop's vocals will remind some of the lead singer of Pretty Maids at times, with perhaps just a hint of Udo Dirkschneider thrown in.  Guitars abound on these songs as well, and Roland Feldmann pulls of some great solos, especially in the first two songs.  In fact, something about the song structure and the performance of those first two songs, especially "Dr. Whisky" (yes, that spelling is correct), reminds me of Damn Yankees, a la "Piledriver".  Koop sings most of the chorus in English, so can tell you that they are declaring that "Dr. Whisky is my best friend" in this song, which is obviously an ode to their favorite adult beverage.  The last track here, "Vampir" is a slower, but powerful track, definitely not the prototypical power ballad or anything like that. 

I was able to find out that all three of these songs would later appear on the band's full length album "Alles im Lack", but other than that, I really don't know a lot...except that this is a fun little gem to pull out from time to time.  I've ripped it to my computer and mixed it in with my other favorite sleazy tracks and it flows along very nicely.  The production is top notch with nice volume levels, which is sometimes not the case with some imports I have come across, but since RCA released this, that is not really such a shock.  All in all, if you can find this EP, or the full-length release for that matter, I would not hesitate to pick them up...even if you don't speak German!

Rating:  Crank it to 8...and get a German-to-English dictionary! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

GUNS N' ROSES "Hollywood Rose: The Roots of Guns N' Roses"

(c) 2004 Deadline Records
  1. Killing Time (original)
  2. Anything Goes (original)
  3. Rocker (original)
  4. Shadow Of Your Love (original)
  5. Reckless Life (original)
  6. Killing Time (Gilby Clarke Remix)
  7. Anything Goes (Gilby Clarke Remix)
  8. Rocker (Gilby Clarke Remix)
  9. Shadow Of Your Love (Gilby Clarke Remix) **
  10. Reckless Life (Gilby Clarke Remix) **
  11. Killing Time (Fred Coury Remix)
  12. Anything Goes (Fred Coury Remix)
  13. Rocker (Fred Coury Remix)
  14. Shadow Of Your Love (Fred Coury Remix)
  15. Reckless Life (Fred Coury Remix)
Axl Rose--Vocals
Chris Weber--Guitars, Bass
Izzy Stradlin--Guitars, Bass
Johnny Kreis--Drums
Tracii Guns--Guitar overdubs on tracks marked **

There was a time when ANYTHING that was associated with Guns N' Roses was going to sell, for one reason or another.  Deadline Records was fully aware that Axl was likely still years away from his next GnR album and took advantage of the band's fans' hunger for new material when they put out this collection of demo tracks from the pre-GnR band Hollywood Rose.  Consisting of future Gunners Axl and Izzy, along with a couple of now-no-names, this incarnation of the future mega-band recorded the original five tracks on this disc in 1984.  Naturally, Axl got angry (when isn't he angry) and filed a lawsuit to try to keep this collection from being released, but he must have failed because it is out there for all to grab.

I have to be honest...I think I know why Axl filed suit to keep these tracks from being released.  Simply put, they are not good.  "Anything Goes" is NOT the same track you hear on the legendary Appetite For Destruction  with the exception of the chorus.  "Rocker" is a revved-up, yet lyrically lame, attempt to explain the lifestyle being lived by Rose and his motley gang of musicians, and "Killing Time"...well, I'm not real sure what that is even about!  The most interesting of the songs here are the last two, "Shadow Of Your Love" and "Reckless Life" as both were co-written by not only Axl and Izzy, but also Duff McKagen and Slash, who gets co-write credits under his actual last name of Hudson.  While neither is a particularly strong song, they would show a bit more of where the band would be headed in the future.

Tracks 6-10 are the same as the first five except these were all remixed by one-time Gunner, Gilby Clarke.  Additionally, another future-ex-Gunner, Tracii Guns, ads guitar overdubs to "Shadow..." and "Reckless Life".  The final five tracks, 11-15 are again the same five songs, this time remixed by Cinderella drummer, Fred Coury.

In all honesty, I only purchased this album because I was in a record store planning to buy a CD but it had not come in.  With some cash burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to take a chance on this.  I wish I hadn't.  Other than for nostalgia and collection purposes, I really don't see a reason to own this.  The two tracks with Tracii Guns on them are decent, but, come one really needs to hear three slightly different versions of the same, demo-quality songs.  We all know how great this band was going to be in very short order, but at this time, this is NOT the Guns N Roses we came to love.

Rating:  Turn it down to 3...maybe bumping up Tracii's tracks to five or so....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LIXX ARRAY "Reality Playground"

(c) 1992 Independent Release
  1. Bad Man
  2. Inside Of Me
  3. Table For Two
  4. Really Hits Home
  5. Right From The Start
  6. Ready Or Not
  7. Thrills Behind The Wheel
  8. Once In A Lifetime
  9. Good Life Groove
  10. Hearts On The Line
Rusty Dades--Vocals
Blake Hastings--Lead, 6 & 12 String Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Rob Swanson--Bass Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Barry McGill--Drums & Percussion, Back-up Vocals

Lixx Array was one of those bands who seemingly had everything it took to be successful on the Sunset Strip...except timing.  These California boys had the look, the style, the overall sound, but just not the luck.  Having released their first single in 1983 and then slugging it out for the next nine or ten years, it would seem that this band, which was certainly better than a lot of those who snagged record deals, would have gotten a shot, but it simply was not to be.

"Reality Playground", the band's 1992 self-released album, features a lot of great arrangements, killer hooks, and average-to-above-average vocal performances.  Stylewise, I think you could draw a musical comparison between bands like Lillian Axe or maybe Hurricane or Lion, but all three of those bands had stronger vocalists than Lixx Array.  In all honesty, Rusty's vocals do take some getting used to, and on a couple of tracks it sounds like he is really forcing the higher end of his range when he may have done himself more favors by staying in a mid-range style.   

Stand-out tracks here would include "Bad Man", "Thrills Behind The Wheel",  and "Hearts On The Line".  "Right From The Start" has a nice little guitar solo in it and is also a decent track.  For those seeking the ballads, "Really Hits Home" is a pretty good acoustic number, but the other ballad, "Once In A Lifetime" feels like it has been done a thousand times, which it probably has.  Overall, "Reality Playground" offers nothing exceptionally powerful or overly weak, which is perhaps what the problem was for these guys; they just never really stood out for the good or the bad. 

This is an independent release, but overall, the production isn't too bad.  Sure, the drums could use some beefing up in spots, but that doesn't detract from the album's overall feel.  The packaging is definitely of higher quality than most indy releases with a full booklet with lyrics and pictures. 

Had this album come out about two, maybe three years earlier, I'm guessing it may have had more of a chance to get noticed and maybe a label would have invested some money in it.  However, by 1992, grunge had taken over and the European/Swedish revival of this type of music was still several years away.  As such, Lixx Array is just another one of those bands that coulda/woulda/shoulda...  If you can find it at a decent price, it's definitely worth a listen but not an album I would shell out $15 or $20 for.

Rating:  Rock it at 7!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


(C) 1988 Geffen Records

  1. Rock On
  2. Sight For Sore Eyes
  3. Heat It Up! Burn It Out!
  4. Suspicious
  5. The Snake
  6. Live It Up
  7. Gimme Your Love
  8. Get Wise To The Rise
  9. Great Guns Of Fire
  10. Stranger
Jaime St. James--Lead Vocals
Tommy Thayer--Guitars
Patrick Young--Bass Guitars
Pete Holmes--Drums

With a brand new album on the horizon from these guys, I thought I would dust off what I consider to be one of the truly underrated albums of the late 1980's and give in a run-down. 

I know a lot of people may argue with me, but I still consider this to be the strongest complete album by this group.  Produced by Gene Simmons, and featuring four tracks co-written by Simmons, this album has that kind of dirty sound that so many of the Simmons KISS tracks are noted for...but with far superior vocals!  I know that may sound blasphemous, but there is simply no comparing Gene's semi-lame snarl to the great, gritty-yet-able-to-scream vocals of The Saint, and this album is proof-positive of that.

What the BnB boys have managed to do with "In Heat" is put out an album that has superior production to their previous efforts, has far better writing in general, features more hooks and catchier general, simply a much better complete album than they have ever released.  In my opinion, with one exception, there is no weak track here.  That one exception, "The Snake" just doesn't seem to fit the rest of this album, but that's why they invented the skip button!  Other than that, this album features sure-to-be Black N Blue classics like "Rock On", "Sight For Sore Eyes", "Live It Up", and personal favorite and album closer, "Stranger".  Thayer and Woop are a seriously underappreciated guitar tandem and they do not disappoint here.  The solo on "Great Guns of Fire" is a great example of Thayer's skill, and Woop consistently delivers with his rhythm playing.  This album also features the best performances by Holmes and Young, as well, as these songs are all tight and held together in solid fashion.  On older albums, it seemed the band got a bit loose here and there, perhaps even a bit disjointed, but on "In Heat" that is never the case.  While perhaps not as "heavy" as their earlier stuff, this is, for my money, Black N Blue at their absolute best...gritty yet catchy with enough attitude and snarl to keep even the casual listener's attention while also being just polished enough to keep radio...and the ladies...interested!

Having heard a few samples from the new record, I am extremely anxious to hear the whole thing, as it sounds extremely promising.  I guess if the new one falls short of expectations, however, I can always put this great release in for a spin and imagine what could have been...

Rating:  Crank it to 8.5!

Friday, March 11, 2011


(c) 2011 Street Symphonies


  1. I Want It
  2. Midnight Mistress
    Joey Eden--vocals
    Matt Cosby--guitars
    Olly Cox--guitars
    Rob Cold--bass

    Look, it all depends upon what you are being tempted with as to whether or not you are a fan of being teased, right?  In this case, I can tell you that being teased with two tracks from this Swedish band makes the potential ending appear all that much sweeter!  While the band's label, Street Symphonies, hasn't set an exact date of release yet, the two tracks they are giving sneak peaks of are extremely promising and have me ready to sign up for the full release as soon as it is available!

    It is no secret that Sweden is an absolute hotbed of talent for glam and sleaze bands and Pompei Nights is no exception to that current trend.  One of the first things that grabs me about this band is the fact that vocalist Joey Eden is not a high-pitched wailer like so many of his contemporaries.  While he sings in a considerably lower register than most of the current crop of frontmen, do not mistake that for me saying he is not a capable vocalist, as that is far from the truth.  In fact, I found his vocal style refreshing and a welcome change.

    Cosby and Cox are a formidable axe-wielding tandem, ripping through some nice leads and keeping things pumping along with steady rhythm playing.  Rob Cold presents himself as an exceptionally talented bass player, at least as far as these two tracks are concerned, and I love the fact that the bass is nice and clear in the mix!  Devlin also seems far more than competent behind the kit, so it would seem everything is in place for this to be an incredible project...whenever Street Symphonies stops teasing us!  For now, let this, their latest video for "Midnight Mistress" tempt you as well!!!

    Rating:  Too soon to tell, but the tease is nice!

    For more information, be sure to check the band out here:

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Wanna get reviewed????

    If you are in a band, represent a band, have friends in a band, work for a record label...whatever...get me your stuff and I will get it on Glitter2Gutter! Just drop me an email at:

    and I will tell you how to get your stuff to me!

    LA GUNS "Tales From The Strip"

    (c)2005 Shrapnel Records

    1. It Don't Mean Nothing
    2. Electric Neon Susnset
    3. Gypsy Soul
    4. Original Sin
    5. Vampire
    6. Hollywood's Burning
    7. 6.9 Earthshaker
    8.  Rox Baby Girl
    9. Crazy Motorcycle
    10. Skin
    11. Shame
    12. Resurrection
    13. Amanecer
    14. (Can't Give You) Anything Better Than Love
    Phil Lewis--Lead Vocals
    Steve Riley--Drums, Backing Vocals
    Adam Hamilton--Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
    Stacey Blades--Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

    It would be difficult to find a band that has had more line-up changes and more drama than LA least for a band that is still active.  In fact, as most know, this band is so dysfunctional that there are now two different bands calling themselves LA GUNS, both featuring integral members that no longer speak to each other.  For my money, however, the only faction that matters is this one, LA GUNS v. 2.0, if you will. 

    With "Tales From The Strip", the Phil Lewis version of LA GUNS finds itself in fine form, ripping through the best set by any version of the band in several years.  Guitarist Blades, often refered to as a "Tracii Guns clone", contributes some of the best fretwork to grace an LA GUNS album since 1991's "Hollywood Vampires".  Riley is his ever-consistent self behind the kit, and Lewis' voice is as strong as ever.  Standout tracks here would include the opener, "It Don't Mean Nothing", "Original Sin", "(Can't Give You) Anything Better Than Love", and my personal favorites, the funky "Skin" and the classic LA GUNS-styled "Shame".  In a bit of an oddity, the band included two instrumentals on this disc, with "6.9 Earthshaker" being a pounding, rocking track, as the name would imply, and "Amancer" being a much more laid back, almost etheral song that, according to the liner notes, was recorded and performed by bass-player Hamilton.  A couple of tracks kind of lose me, with "Crazy Motorcycle" and "Resurrection" being on this list, but these blemishes fade away quickly in this fourteen track offering.  In all honesty, if these two songs and "Amancer" were deleted, we would be left with a much tighter, rawer, more energetic set that would likely rival anything the band has released in any incarnation.  As it stands, this set is definitely the best, most complete sounding LA GUNS release since "Hollywood Vampires" and is definitely better than the atrocious covers albums that both versions of this band have released recently. 

    Rating:  Crank it to 8!

    Depending on which version of the band you want to check into, you can visit LA GUNS at these websites:

    Phil's version:
    Tracii's version:

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    KING LIZARD~Viva La Decadence

    (c) 2010 Psycho Devito Records

    1. Viva La Decadence
    2.  Rain On You
    3.  Rock N Roll Me
    4.  Video Lover
    5.  Kan't Kill Rock N Roll
    6.  Never Be Mine
    7.  Not For Me
    8.  Riot
    9.  Taste The Hate
    10. Outrageus
    11. Late Nite Dynamite 
    Flash Roxx Sawyer--Lead Vocals and Piano
    Niro Knox--Lead, Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
    Alice Rain--Bas Guitar and Backing Vocals
    Sky London--Drums and Backing Vocals

    Hailing from Great Britain, KING LIZARD yet another entry into the European glam/sleaze scene.  While not nearly as well stocked as Sweden, for example, Great Britain has been churning out quite a few solid bands lately, and KING LIZARD is among the latest examples.

    Released at the end of 2010, "Viva La Decadence", the song, is a raucous anthem to the sleazy lifestyle, and is a killer way to open the album.  The track has a strong, memorable hook, screaming guitars, and wailing vocals right out of the gate.  In all seriousness, this is one of the catchiest first efforts I have heard from a band in quite some time and, honestly, the band could probably have stood pat on this debut release with that one track and garnered enough attention for people to seek out their next effort.  Thankfully, that didn't happen.  There are several memorable cuts on this disc, with "Rain On You", "Hell Yeah", "Kan't Kill Rock N Roll" and "Late Nite Dynamite" is a full-speed send off that closes the album in fine fashion!  Of course, it is almost a requisite for bands to include a ballad of some sort, and KING LIZARD turns out a fine effort on "Not For Me".  It's almost scary how much Flash sounds like Axl Rose on this track, but the song itself is not necessarily reminiscant of a Guns N Roses song, and certainly not a rip off track of any kind.

    This album is not without its flaws, however.  The production seems just a tad thin in places which does add a bit of rawness do some tracks while making others sound a bit weaker than they probably should have.  Additionally, a couple of the tracks come off as forced and don't really seem to fit the flow of the album as a whole.  A perfect example is the song "Riot" which starts off with a LONG piano intro that really doesn't seem to fit the unique, somewhat disjointed rhythm of the rest of the song.  "Never Be Mine", which clocks in at just over six minutes long, could easily be cut down to about four minutes and be a much stronger song for it, in my opinion.  These are minor detractions, however, and do not kill the album by any stretch.

    It is important to keep in mind that this is a first effort, and I look forward to hearing what this energetic, rowdy, ambitious band comes up with for its next go round.  I would imagine that these boys put on a great live show and if the video to the title track is any indication, their performances match the energy of most of the tracks on this very solid debut album.

    By the way, my copy is autographed by the band, as you can see from the photo above.  The cover, incidentally, comes in two forms, both identical except for the slight censoring that is present on this one.  My understanding is the uncensored cover has sold out, so perhaps it will have some sort of collector's value at some point.

    Rating:  Crank it to 9!

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