Friday, March 11, 2011


(c) 2011 Street Symphonies


  1. I Want It
  2. Midnight Mistress
    Joey Eden--vocals
    Matt Cosby--guitars
    Olly Cox--guitars
    Rob Cold--bass

    Look, it all depends upon what you are being tempted with as to whether or not you are a fan of being teased, right?  In this case, I can tell you that being teased with two tracks from this Swedish band makes the potential ending appear all that much sweeter!  While the band's label, Street Symphonies, hasn't set an exact date of release yet, the two tracks they are giving sneak peaks of are extremely promising and have me ready to sign up for the full release as soon as it is available!

    It is no secret that Sweden is an absolute hotbed of talent for glam and sleaze bands and Pompei Nights is no exception to that current trend.  One of the first things that grabs me about this band is the fact that vocalist Joey Eden is not a high-pitched wailer like so many of his contemporaries.  While he sings in a considerably lower register than most of the current crop of frontmen, do not mistake that for me saying he is not a capable vocalist, as that is far from the truth.  In fact, I found his vocal style refreshing and a welcome change.

    Cosby and Cox are a formidable axe-wielding tandem, ripping through some nice leads and keeping things pumping along with steady rhythm playing.  Rob Cold presents himself as an exceptionally talented bass player, at least as far as these two tracks are concerned, and I love the fact that the bass is nice and clear in the mix!  Devlin also seems far more than competent behind the kit, so it would seem everything is in place for this to be an incredible project...whenever Street Symphonies stops teasing us!  For now, let this, their latest video for "Midnight Mistress" tempt you as well!!!

    Rating:  Too soon to tell, but the tease is nice!

    For more information, be sure to check the band out here:

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